RK racing development


About us

RK Racing Development, as a part of RK-Trading was established in 2010 as a result of almost 20 years of Roman Kovac´s  efforts on improvement, development and modification of cars. Until then, Roman Kovac dealt almost exclusively with the continuous improvement of his own cars and  over the years has infected with his enthusiasm a group of people who currently make up the RK Racing Development team. After a careful evaluation of the company´s next direction and review of what the market has been offering to the public, the next logical step was the move of RKRD towards the presentation and offer of our service to a broader range of clients.


RK racing development


Innovation and development are the basis of RK Racing Development.
We believe that anyone can offer You "tuning" off the shelf parts, but our goal is to go our own way by developing functional improvements  and constantly pushing the boundaries of what You thought was possible, thus helping You reach Your goals by delivering a unique automobile, built to the highest existing standards.


RK Racing Development is a partner of several top world-renowned companies dealing with car modifications, such as Ross Sport from UK, Extreme Turbo Systems, as a No Limit Motorsport from the USA and Tibuc from Sweden. 

RKRD offers a complete service whether for racing or street cars: complete custom engine builds, dog box transmissions, differentials, clutches, modifications of  turbochargers and exhaust manifolds, fuel and cooling systems, modifications and installation of complete brake systems and suspensions.


Whether Your wish is a simple replacement of an air filter or a complete rebuild of Your car, RKRD is here to provide the highest level of service to all of our customers.